So why architect as developer?

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By combining the roles of the Architect & Developer, we've greater power over the job making faster decisions, providing a much more efficient process and maximizing the opportunity of a greater profit for your investors.?
Investment Opportunity
Miami based architectural and development firm RNA is launching its Architect as Developer™ business with ultra-contemporary projects for single-family homes and mid-rise residential in Miami and the Northeast. This is a unique opportunity for the savvy investor.
The Architect as Developer™ business design is really a complete real estate investment package that also includes site selection combined with most compelling architectural design to maximise aesthetics and ROI. Other vital tasks include preparing and facilitating the permitting process, creation of working drawings, construction, and project management software.
Southern Florida provides ideal demographic and topographic opportunities to the construction and continuing development of high-end residential properties. Influenced by their reputation and history since the preferred Fort Lauderdale architects for contemporary design, RNA expects the ability for growth and success in property design and development just for this region as eminently achievable.
Top 50 Coastal Architects in the USA, RNA has determined that many Architect as Developer™ investment opportunities exist beyond Miami, specifically in the Northeast where Nyc architects, Boston architects and Provincetown architects tend to repeat exactly the same design themes reflective in the Colonial America architectural vernacular. Weathered Shingle Style homes are commonplace for the coastal communities of Downeast Maine, the Outer Cape Cod villages of Provincetown and Truro, the islands of Martha’s Vineyard and Nantucket, as well as the Hamptons. Traditional Adirondack style log cabins and rural Vermont country cottage designs are a repeated theme by New York developers and Boston developers.
The contemporary kind of RNA and Architect as Developer™ model will give you a new and complex perspective to contemporary architecture and can entice the next generation of luxury residential development. The standard four-square wooden boxes similar to previous generations will yield to more elegant and contemporary design; clean lines, open spaces, connections on the nature.
Site sensitive design and big expanses of windows will build relationships with natural surroundings, if the Intracoastal waterways of Fort Lauderdale, the windswept beaches of Cape Cod as well as the Islands, the rugged appeal of the Maine Coast, or perhaps the four season resorts of the Adirondacks and Vermont.
The Architect as Developer™The Architect gets the vision for the project. The Developer gets the expertise in the neighborhood and access to the construction trades. By combining the roles of the Architect & Developer there is a singular aesthetic vision, sensitivity towards the environment, familiarity with prevailing client tastes, faster decisions, exposure to high-tech sustainable building materials, project management, and use of preferred contractors.
The part and contribution of Fort Lauderdale Developers RNA has grown to be more and more evident through the years as builders profited from RNA’s collaborative guidance. Designing, developing, and constructing our projects is really a natural direction for your business. Because the architect, RNA could be the facilitator with all the vision. Checking proven business styles of probably the most successful developers over the past 25 years has refined our proof concept.

While return on your investment can't be guaranteed, it could be reasonable to visualize a 50% return around the energy production within a 24 to 48 months period. Variables include site final cost and unanticipated costs of development and sale from the property.
Background recognition
RNA, formerly generally known as Rex Nichols Architects, emerged Three decades ago and possesses been specializing in designing and building luxury homes and mid-rise residential properties for clients and developers in Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Palm Beach, Boca Raton, as well as the surrounding region. RNA has generated alluring and innovative luxury residential properties and has received eleven national American Institute of Architects AIA awards.
RNA development proposals include detailed pro forma financials for every project, ensuring optimal ROI for your savvy investor. Flexibility regarding design and material selection makes RNA a proactive partner, while maximizing investment opportunities and optimal aesthetic results.
Case Study:
Emaar PropertiesRex Nichols Architects “RNA” is proud that preeminent developer, Emaar Properties, has recognized its visionary work. Although RNA accomplishments are well known within the U.S. and particularly Florida, it turned out the portfolio of Alex Penna, RNA Design Leader for Contemporary Architecture, which caught the attention of Emaar Properties Senior Manger of Design. Emaar felt the contemporary architecture featured on the RNA website perfectly aligned together with the architectural style envisioned for their high-profile Dubai Creek Harbor development.
Luxury lifestyle, spectacular cultural offerings, and monumental architecture are characteristics in the Emaar Group’s boundary-pushing projects. Emaar Properties is well known for Burj Khalifa, the tallest structure on the globe since late 2008, along with the Dubai Mall, the greatest mall in the world by total area. Emaar developments certainly are a significant reason behind the architectural great thing about the Uae.
Equally impressive is Emaar’s Dubai Marina, an artificial canal city built along a two-mile stretch of Persian Gulf shoreline. Aside from dockage to the world’s largest yachts, Dubai Marina accommodates over 120,000 individuals residential villas and towers.
Emaar describes Dubai Creek Harbor being an iconic waterfront development. This mixed-use continuing development of monumental scale can be found on the banks with the historic Dubai Creek just Quarter-hour from Downtown Dubai and the Dubai International Airport. Dubai Creek Harbor is likewise home for that world’s second tallest tower at 3045 feet. Dubai Creek Tower, designed by the renowned Spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, is scheduled for completion in 2020.
About RNA
• Top 50 Coastal Architects in the USA by Oceans Home Magazine for the past 4 years, (2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018).
• Eleven national American Institute of Architects (AIA) awards.
1) John Portman - the Architect as Developer. John Portman is known as one among Atlanta's most influential architects. 36 months after graduating from Georgia Tech having an architecture degree, John Portman opened his first architectural firm in Atlanta in 1953, known today as John Portman & Associates
2) The proprietor Builder: Jonathan Segal Interview. Ben Stevens recently interviewed Architect & Developer Jonathan Segal as part of his Skyline Forums website. Jonathan is known for his web based course Architect as Developer and contains built many notable works in North park, CA.

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